This page and me:

I’ll be honest. I stole this URL from my church.

Well, not really… They used it a few years ago for a landing page for an Easter Service and let their ownership lapse. It was probably one of the best Easter services they had, but that’s another story.

In the weeks leading up to Easter they sold shirts and gave away bumper stickers and yard signs. Everywhere I turned I saw, beautifulmess.me. For some reason, it resonated with me.

I am imperfect. I try to be a good Dad but I can be short tempered and less generous than I should.

I try to be a good husband but don’t always put my wife above my own interests.

I have broken relationships. I’m not always the most optimistic person and sometimes, I am downright unpleasant to be around.

I am a cancer survivor. At the same time, I’m thankful for that experience and surviving, and angry on the long-term impact it has caused.

With all of that, I get up every day and try to be a little better than I was yesterday. Some days I succeed, others I don’t.

I suppose this site; this blog is my outlet. My release. Maybe even my therapy.

I am a Beautiful Mess.